Friday, August 9, 2013

Hillary just threw Obama and Rice under the bus Hillary Clinton reveals what REALLY led to Benghazi massacre

  • Announcement of State Department dissent from rest of Obama administration could help protect Clinton during 2016 presidential run
  • Obama administration originally said assault stemmed from protests against anti-Islam video but then backtracked saying terrorists responsible
  • Officials tell how ambassador Chris Stevens was trapped in safe-room as assailants burnt the compound down
  • AK-47s, grenade attacks, and a smoke-filled safe-room - chilling account of the death of U.S. ambassador Chris Stevens revealed
  • Ambassador's whereabouts after attack not known until officials rang his cell phone - and found doctors trying unsuccessfully to save his life in hospital
  • Most serious attack on U.S. diplomatic compound since al-Qaeda bombed the embassies in Kenya and Tanzania 14 years ago

Hillary just threw Obama and Rice under the bus by exposing that Obama knew from the very outset that it was a terror attack and not a protest about a film. Clinton must want to be president still as she is stating that she was just following orders of the WH.

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