Saturday, April 13, 2013

Continued from front page:  Congress circumvented...

As a VIP attendee at a political action committee gathering, Dr. and Attorney Orly Taitz personally spoke to Members of the Judiciary Committee Congressman Lou Gohmert, Senator Jim Inhofe, Congressman Steven King and retired Senator and current President of the Heritage Foundation Jim Demint.
During the conversation with Congressman Gohmert, Orly Taitz was surrounded by multiple credentialed journalists who took pictures and video recorded the conversation. Orly Taitz showed Congressman Gohmert Obama's tax returns with CT SSN 042-68-4425 and SSNVS and E-verify, showing that Obama failed E-Verify and SSNVS, that he is using a stolen SSN.
Orly Taitz advised Congressman Gohmert that in January Department of Justice appeared before Judge England, stating that they represented the U.S. Congress and on behalf of the U.S. Congress they opposed the injunction of the certification of Obama's electoral votes.
Taitz further asked Congressman Gohmert whether or not he had directed the U.S. Department of Justice to represent him and oppose the injunction. She further asked Congressman Gohmert if he as a U.S. Congressman and member of the Judiciary committee felt it was appropriate for President Obama to use the SSN that was not assigned to him. These questions were directed to Congressman Gohmert in the presence of an entire bank of credentialed reporters. Congressman Gohmert responded that he did not know anything about this and further stated that the Department of Justice never gave him any papers regarding the matter.

Journalists witnessing the conversation took additional in depth interviews, among them were reporters from The U.S. News and World Report, The National Review and a reporter from Australian TV.
Senator Inhofe similarly did not know anything about the matter. The conversation took place in front of talk show host Rusty Humphries. Taitz also spoke with Congressman Steven King who said that if the Department of Justice had given him any papers he would remember it.
He stated that his staff would review all the information and would prepare an executive report for him. He stated that he would have an answer within one week. Mike Zullo and talk show host Carl Gallos stood next to Taitz during this conversation and witnessed Taitz giving the documents to Congressman King.
This means that the Department of Justice went behind the backs of U.S. Members of Congress - never gave them any pleadings or documents and did not act as an attorney for the U.S. Congress, but instead, acted as private criminal defense attorneys for President Barack Obama. This is not only illegal, but also violates established laws governing the matter on both state and federal levels.

We do not create the news - we merely report it. Do not take our word for anything you read here; simply contact the Members of Congress and the Senate mentioned in this article directly for their responses.

Reader Opinions
MAR 18  •  Projecting your personal misery onto Obama in a scapegoat fashion is NOT going to bring you peace. What we have are SOCIAL PROBLEMS and the POTUS is only one man. Take a few days to research the facts. Take a few days to weigh the birther arguments against the evidence submitted by the President. The fact is, Obama is born of two exchange students, one of whom was an African exchange student. He was born in Hawaii. Orly Taitz, on the other hand is a naturalized citizen of the U.S. She came here from Russia, obtained a degree in dentistry in Israel, and then was naturalized in the U.S. I think she should be disbarred. There is a petition online in circulation to have her disbarred. There is a Scribd document very professionally done from a few years ago seeking her disbarment. Orly Taitz is not a hero who deserves a Congressional Medal of Honor. She is misleading people for her own narcicisstic glory.
MAR 17  •  Obama is a fraud! That's why he spent millions to cover up his past. He was born in Kenya not Hawaii as he falsely claims. If he was born in Hawaii he would not need a soc sec. number that was not assigned to him. Soc sec records show the number he's using was assigned to a Mr. Bounel. For those on this blog who try to use the (black) race card you forget that Obama is one half white too, so this is not about race. So far, Dr. Orly Tairz has almost 50,000 signers to her petition asking Congress to investigate Obama. Go to her site [ Dr.Orly Taitz ] and sign her petition now.
MAR 10  •  just shows how broken the government is when people can't get their day in court to bring out the truth
FEB 24  •  We believe that most of the evidence is correct. Do you have a copy of the denial, or are you just assuming denial because the case wasn't on the approved list.? Is it possible that SCOTUS never even considered the case in conference, for the reasons that Taitz offered? It seems like the Marxist usurper was using the stolen 042-68-4425 SSN long before he ever met Moochelle. "Impeachment is highly unlikely given that Democrats control the U.S. senate." Impeachment has nothing to do with the Senate. The House would impeach,. although thy don't seem very anxious to do so, then the Senate would have to try him and remove him, which the current Senate will not, until evidence of his crimes in office becomes to serious to ignore, which it should have already,. but has not.
Robert Laity
FEB 24  •  "We are evading that issue"-Justice Thomas testifying before Congress,to Congresman Serrano. Thomas's remark resulted in raucus laughter. What is funny about SCOTUS's malfeasance and misprision of Felony and Treason.
Robert Laity
FEB 24  •  There is NO 'President' Obama: http:///www.thepostemail,com/09/17/2010/there-is-no-president-obama. Obama currently stands accused of Treason,Espionage,Election Fraud and his faux "administration" as a RICO cabal.
Wanda Dodd Olsen
FEB 20  •  The citizens of The United States should stop and take a good look at what has happened and why Barack Obama climbed up the ladder to president so fast. Where did he get all the millions of dollars he has because him and Michelle did not make that kind of money in their jobs. Michelle said in an appearance she had about Barack's home country of Kenya. He is a muslim and now he is now questioning the power of the Supreme Court. C'MON people lets stop this dictator now.
Tom Ballantyne
FEB 19  •  Wow! What an obviously-legitimate news source..."birther" case. What is the refuge of scoundrels? Mock their opponents. EVERY document that this "president" has been forced to reveal is a blatant forgery. In the case of his SSN, it won't even pass the federal government's own E-Verify system. IOW, you or I could not hire him to mow our lawn, etc. - but WE are "birthers" for requiring that our commander in chief pass even the lowest level security clearance...which he most assuredly cannot. For the record, John Jay was apparently a "birther" as well, as it was he, facilitated by the other two writers of the Federalists who codified the singular requirement for the highest office in the land...and it isn't simply being a "citizen." Yes, when the facts are entirely on the side of the opposition, all one can do is call names. In doing so, however, they simply show their petulance as well as their gross well as their disregard for the Constitution and the Rule of Law. And, oh yes, their concern for the Truth.
charlie clink
FEB 19  •  I think his time has come. If you remember back 4 years ago, a prosecutor for the great state of Pennsylvania started with evidence that Mr. Obama was a fake and a liar. Judicial Watch and a few other groups have been trying desperately to get these things before the court so it can be heard.There are other people around the country who also are trying to get this info out in the open. Then you have Mr. Obama spending well over $1 million dollars to keep as many records of his past under lock and key. WHY? His time has come. God Bless American from this American Veteran.
FEB 19  •  "Orly Taitz was born to a Jewish family in Chişinău, Moldavian SSR in the Soviet Union (present day Moldova). Both of her parents were science teachers. In 1981, Orly immigrated to Israel,where she obtained a dentistry degree at Hebrew University...Before her national news exposure, Taitz was quoted in The Orange County Register in 2006 supporting Israeli military actions against Hamas and Hezbollah,and downplaying the impact of the espionage trial of two American Israel Public Affairs Committee staffers"...hmmm,maybe she should loose her dual citizenship or just move back to Israel or Moldova...
Estelle Chisholm
FEB 19  •  "Sequester"---"to hide or isolate". How does this definition pertain to this article? Is the truth being hidden from us; facts being isolated? Our military is that which keeps ALL of us safe and should keep our enemies at bay. As long as there is a corrupt media in the pocket of this corrupt congress, who prints insignificant "facts" about which only Washington wishes to us know , we are doomed. It will take a major effort of ALL concerned citizens to come forward and take a stand to say "NO MORE". As long as there is 51% on welfare who want the gravy train to keep rolling, and the huge number of dumb, non-caring individuals who would rather watch "Reality TV" and what happens to the Kardasians,then just forget our country being saved. The rest of us who DO care, can no longer remain complacent. It will be up to the moral majority to make sure we are heard. Silence and acceptance from us to the double dealing and lies we face everyday in the media and government is not possible any longer. We all must take a stand NOW. Prayer is vital, but it is the human hand and mind that gets the work done in reality. If we have a weak military then we have an open door for our enemies to come and feel at home.
FEB 19  •  I agree with ALMOST every above post. What concerns me is that the Supreme court keeping this behind closed doors AND that the media (Fox news & more) are SILENT. PLEASE someone have the balls to speak up for true Americans. I served in the Air Force during Viet Nam and am proud to be a vet. I would love to be proud to be an American, but what Obama is doing to our country is treasonable.
Stell. C.
FEB 19  •  As long as you have the corrupt media who is in Mr.0 bama's pocket & will never tell the truth; as long as there is 51% of the populous who want the government to keep giving the "free stuff"to them & a large part of citizens do not care, then kiss our one great country goodby. We all have allowed to happen by being to damned cmacent. Prayer is not the only help. We ALL must get involved to get rid of thel orruption
FEB 19  •  How dumb are you people. Can't wait to hear your reaction when this gets tossed out of court, like it has EVERY other time. Carry on Loonies.
Joyce Ross
FEB 18  •  I am so glad toread this. I hope that justice will be served and lies and fraud will be found out. I had to have research to get my original birth certificate when I applied for Social Security. Wouldn't you think that an official Birth certificate would be required for someone to fill the position as president of the United States.
Andrew Szmit
FEB 18  •  Never has there been such an obvious and blatant attempt by any president, to destroy America's values and usher in socialism or worse. How can this administration keep spending and signing executive orders that obviously put a burden on our freedom and the future of our country?? This is nothing like any past Republican/Democrat dual for power. America has been duped into voting for a person that does not want to fix America's problems! If he showed any form of interest in fixing problems and creating value for our great country, we could all live with him, but he is ushering in and allowing the worst for America. The whole world knows what is going on and yet there are many Americans that don't even know what some of the executive orders are. Is the supreme court willing to allow the demise of the country we all grew up in?? Is there any hope for America to come back, balance our budget, create value in the world, and actually become the super power we were meant to be????
FEB 18  •  I hope that the supreme court will follow through with the right decision and this country can finally get back to finding a leader who respects this country and its laws. I have always seen through this imposter and hope he will be found guilty.
Kenneth O'Rand
FEB 18  •  After consuming the wonderful statements of support with sound reason for Dr Orly Taitz, I am at peace, that God has intervened, His will be done. I look forward to the outcome of our highest court with positive anticipation !
FEB 17  •  I agree the things that have been said the accusations that have been made the probabilities of corruption are likely true . That being the case what do we as citizens do ? I for one have been investigating in hopes of discovering the real reason for the apparent lunacy of highly educated people .It's really quite simple, selfishness , money and power . There is a group of men who's goal is complete control and dominion of the peope of this planet . Sounds very sci-fi doesn't . The roots of all wars , the cause of large international banking / financial failure , military coues , failing governments , economic stress , terrorism . World wide political corruption. The hands of these six or seven men are beind all of this . Allow me to introdce a few of them to you , Jacob Rothchild , the decsendants of Paul Warburg ,The Loebe family ,The Israel Moses Seif family , The Lazard family and a few others . If you want this to stop ? Do some research find out who the enemies of all humanity are !!!!!!!! Then endeavor to take them down , Kill the head the snake dies !
Tim Taylor
FEB 17  •  Of course this is true. The red flag was being raised in the YEAR BEFORE his first term during the primaries. Many many competent, sincere, attorneys and other people were sounding the alarm BUT NO ONE would give them serious air time. The current mainline media is the same group of incompetent, gutless wonders that existed then. I have scores and scores of online articles as well as other published data to corroborate the case that is now before the Supreme Court. But it's just show ...America is no longer a city on a hill and the days of being a Constitutional Republic are over.
m. g. Mac
FEB 17  •  I believe everything about Obama is manufactured and that he is a fraud. I have lost faith that anything will ever be done about him. I have come to terms with the imminent demise of this country. Sorry to be a downer.
FEB 17  •  Lets pray that Orly Taitz life will be protected while going through with this.
Ginger Ross
FEB 17  •  THERE IS NOTHING HIDDEN THAT THE AMERICAN CITIZENS NEED TO KNOW!!! His actions (i.e, Executive Orders/laws/rules/etc.) and everything his administration has tried or instituted and those of his co-horts should be: STOPPED/CLEARED/UNCREATED/DISSOLVED/DELETED AND TRANSMUTED ACROSS ALL TIME,DIMENSIONS, SPACE AND REALITY ... PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE AND THEIR ACTIONS BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!!! May they all be prosecuted to the fullest extent, never be allowed to hold office anywhere ... labelled a disgrace and traitor to the United States of America and all their gain returned into t!!!he Gold Standard
FEB 17  •  You can verify this by pulling up Orly Taitz under google... It's all true...I have been following this since last year..This lady IS the one that has not backed down. According to the paperwork Obama has provided our President is "Harry J Bounel" born in 1890. Orly's page has all the verif and things done to her to try and keep her from following through with this..
joe cozzi
FEB 17  •  I'm glad to see this being done. But it should not be done " BEHIND CLOSED DOORS ". We the AMERICAN PEOPLE deserve to see what transpires .To see justice in action. What ever that may be.
c phillips
FEB 17  •  If this man is truly guilty and proven so, and the Supreme Court has the courage to do what is right, (which I question since chief Justice Roberts own character, to me, is in question, then it is a great day for the values of the American Constitution. I hope all the guilty parties will by punished to the full extent of law.
Lesa Davis
FEB 17  •  Where can I verify this information?
Beth Janelle
FEB 17  •  It is refreshing to read this thread of posts, most of which are prayer, and peaceful. I agree, May the Lords Will be done. It is clear to so many of us that Obama has created a ruse of bovine scatology, running this country (with his czars) into the ground. I find it rather disconcerting that some feel the constitution is archaic. The POTUS seems to feel the same way and will clearly stop at nothing to turn this country into a Socialist/communist nation, perpetrated by this puppet Obama, and his Marxist ideology. Clinton, Bush, are guilty as well. Clinton with NAFTA, repealing Glass Steagal on the Eve of the end of his Presidency, and pardoning Mr. Rich and subsequently receiving major funding for his projects from Mrs. Rich. Bush should be tried for war crimes, NDAA, the Patriot Act, and all involved in its' unconstitutional creation. For those who feel the constitution is archaic I say this: What about Freedom, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness is archaic? Irrespective of the era in which our founding fathers lived, they got it right. Precisely because they came from a Tyrannical government and knew its dangers to freedom. If Obama doesn't get impeached and tried for Treason, along with his crony friends, we will have a dictator for life. He will create a national emergency, suspend the constitution, let the economy go bankrupt, accept the U.N. running the world and support the IMF rationing funds across the globe. We are currently living in a lawless land. The 2nd Amendment is the key that if turned, opens the door to martial law, Tyranny, Civil War and a NWO. Rendering the entire bill of rights null and void as we will have no way to protect ourselves from Tyranny. What Obama says is not what he means. What do you think "fundamental transformation of this nation means"? 1.6 billion to Syria, half a billion a month of fiat currency printed to purchase mortgages, forcing Obama-care-Why should I have to pay a tax on something I didn't purchase? Seems illegal. What's unfortunate, is that Congress is guilty and afraid. They know they will end up in a criminal mess and possible jail. Iceland is a good example of putting the bad guys in jail. They revamped their system, and are now doing much better. Even Russia is backing their currency with Gold. China wants to trade debt for equity. What do they want? yep, land. American land in the Midwest. China needs American resources. May God have mercy on us all. Keep the prayers strong and continuous. We need to regain our footing and fight back. We are founded on Christian principles. to quote John Adams " the constitution is for a religious and moral society". The sociopaths in government, big business, supreme courts, media (where stories are fictional and decided in a board room), and the few but powerful seem to have no conscience. No way will Obama get his national registry or our guns. He has no right to invade our privacy and steal our property.
FEB 16  •  why in the heck is this man still president any other person for half this stuff would be out of any office get rid of him and send him back to his fricken muslims people and et him out of america i have been telling u guys he is not real he does not like us do something supreme court dont be afraid of him let vice president finish running his time there has been to much stuff on this man now do something for ameica
Ray Borkowski
FEB 16  •  Wait a minute. Social Security cards are usually obtained when you seek employment. Tell me he never work(well that part is still true today) And if he was born in Hawaii why a Conn. Number?
Maxine Priewe
FEB 16  •  I pray that this fraud is brought to justice along with everyone who is assistance him and destroying our country. I pray that these closed door hearings are made public as we the people are supposed to be allowed to hear. Especially since the president stated that his presidency would be a transparent one. How is this happening to our country! Lord, please hear I cries and rescue us!
FEB 16  •  What is the decision? Can we trust the SCJs to render a fair and just decision? Just how corrupt has our government become? The people already know who the criminals are. We are trying to correct the problems legally through our justice system. Please don't push us to enact the worse case scenario.
FEB 16  •  A GOOD PLACE TO START RECLAIMING AMERICA!! Start immediate investigation of Barack Obama's use of forged IDs and a CT SSN which was never assigned to him according to e-verify 31,626 Letters and Emails Sent So Far. If proven guilty of Identity Theft, if he ISN'T Barack Obama, that signature is NO GOOD on everything he signed, and it all goes away as best it can! PLEASE HELP ME KEEP SPREADING THIS LINK UNTIL WE REACH THE NEEDED 100,000 THAT REQUIRES THE HOUSE TO START LEGISLATION!!
FEB 16  •  I pray often that America's corrupt leaders will soon "stumble and fall".
FEB 16  •  It no longer matters if it's The President (the fraudster) or illegal immigrants, America's laws mean nothing now!
Keith Place
FEB 16  •
FEB 16  •  What a bunch of crap! Does anyone have a brain to think this stuff through, or is everyone just following the wack jobs who think this crap is true?
FEB 16  •  Isn't Supreme Court Judge John Roberts the crooked Judge that Obama appointed?
FEB 16  •  If for whatever reason, the SCOTUS finds in Barry Soetoro's behalf, we can put our head between our knees and kiss our A$$ goodbye. Nothing ever heard by this blackrobed body will matter ever again. PRAY, PEOPLE. PRAY
Eddie Scurlock
FEB 16  •  The evidence is overwhelming agains Obama. It's about time someone took the step to bring it out and show the dishonesty Obama has had since running for office. I hope he is prosecuted and imprisoned.
FEB 16  •  If the supreme court does not follow thru, and find for america, then we now they are in his pocket, get rid of this scumbag, and all that went with and for him.
FEB 16  •  the UNITED STATES CORPORATION, which practically NONE of those reading this know about, construed the two political parties to be complicit in the demise of the united States and Obama, the Bushes, Clinton, all have been a party to the taking down of this country, its founding documents, and established their own wealth on the backs of the Few Americans still working for a living. It is all documented, available for those who will do the research. Until we, the people, insist upon and re-establish the law of the land, remove politicians who usurp powers NOT belonging to them, and quit 'rolling over' to let them *%$^ us again... we are going to continue to have the same... we are the slaves and they politicians are the masters...
Don Rutherford
FEB 16  •  It's about time someone gets some teeth into this corrupt goverment. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this guy out!! Hopefully justice will prevail. If they start cleaning house, first and foremost Biden needs to be ousted as well. All he has is a BIG MOUTH. It's time to take back America.
Connie Madagain
FEB 16  •  I hope all you commie pubs get the romney nazi shaft you deserve. Cry me a river you losers! Your commie Bush KILLED KILLED KILLED a lot of Americans in WARS we are still paying for you morons. Commie Pub KILLERS!!!
rharr02 • robi
FEB 16  •  My goodness. The mob-like ravings of a maniacal group, who can't accept a Black man in office, or that Constitution is a sometimes flawed document, written by flawed men, would allowed for changes or amendments
FEB 16  •  We need to truth we need all to remember the oath they took to serve the people truth honor and just doing what is right.It is clear there are cover ups
Lin DiCesare
FEB 16  •  It is high time to make those who commit crimes accountable! We have for too long watched in horror as our Sacred Constitution of the United States has been usurped, ignored and circumvented. THIS is America and We as Americans will not stand by as corruption takes over. No one is above the law!! NO ONE! If we can not depend on our Justice system then we are no better than the countries who have dictatorships. I know in my heart that Americans will not allow justice to take a back seat to corruption! We the People of the United States deserve the right to know without a lingering doubt that this man in office is there legitimately. We the People have a right to question and recieve answers to these doubts. Lady Justice has prevailed for the past two hundred years to ensure our freedoms are secure and there should be no change to her justice. Never in our lives did we imagine having to fight our own government for our rights and freedoms as American citizens. Yet, today we find ourselves experiencing a “change” that is clearly misdirected. It is NOT the kind of fundamental change that we as true American Patriots can agree with. We’re forced to face a tipping point in history where the fight to retain our rights and freedoms must come from within ourselves. If we want to preserve our belief in God, Country, Constitution and our Freedoms, we must and will ALL take a stand to make our voices heard! The scales of justice are in your hands for now. We put our faith and trust in you to do the right not disappoint us...we are depending on you to uncover the truth and make it known. We have been left in the dark for too long and to have this issue finally laid before the greatest court in the land is what the people have been waiting for. We thirst for the truth and believe that the truth will set us free. ~ Lin DiCesare, A Patriots Voice for Freedom!
FEB 15  •  No matter what the decision today, we really need to have this person removed from office.He has no respect for any American. I say this because of his actions;not his words.
Paul Cherry
FEB 15  •  I hope all, every single one involved including those that ignored the cover up go to jail for a long time and are barred from holding any elected office or govt office including dog catcher!
Gary Quarles
FEB 15  •  The two Supreme Court Justices that Obama appointed should not even be involved in this decision and if convicted all of the destructive policies this man and his corrupt democrat / progressive / socialist party has rammed down our throats should be rolled back. Number ONE being Obama Care. Watergate was a parking ticket compared to this! Try Obama and all of his henchmen and women for treason and fraud and put them away. Including Biden!
FEB 15  •  We are all hoping for the same thing. Yet with several exclaiming about impeachment there is a place to sign up for that just in case. And here it is; Go to the top of the page and follow the directions to the White House page with the petition and several others you could be interested in.
Norman Martinez
FEB 15  •  I pray that the truth about the so called POTUS comes out and is acted on ... and while you folks are at it let's see you do something about the thieves in the FEDERAL RESERVE FOR A CHANGE!!!
FEB 15  •  Good luck! So far he's only proven that he's unstoppable and untouchable. He's unaccountable for any of the damages that he's inflicted on the working class.
FEB 15  •  I pray for God's will to be done. Obama has almost ruined this nation. His motto has been "Divide and Conquer." Let the truth set us free. To God be the glory!
FEB 15  •  Please keep us posted, the main stream media will never share this. Praying for Gods will with America and that this is the beginning of the end of this liar and fake.
Michael cuel
FEB 15  •  If the justices seeing this kind of evidence don't do something then we will all know for sure our government is too corrupted to survive. As I understand this hearing they are looking at evidence to see if further investigation is needed. They will not be deciding obama's fate today.
Sarah T.
FEB 15  •  Unfortunately, the Supreme Court can't do anything even if it wanted to. The requested "stay," which requires five votes whether or not the two Obama appointed justices participate or not, involves things that have already taken place. So this is moot. Justices can only act on what is before them. Plus, Orly messed up and only filed half of what is needed. So the court has already deadlisted this case and it won't even be discussed today.
dan matchik
FEB 15  •  i served this country with honor shortly after president kennedy was assinated. if even half of these allegations are true, It's time to clean house-"the white house" Corruption, graft, deceit, and, or, treason among other things is not to be tolerated, ever in this country. The only problem i foresee is cleaning out all the rats from pennsylvania avenue to irst street in every city, every state because until we do the only way they will all go is up the ladder in politics . all these people need to be put on notice to clean up your act or, suffer the consequences ! Real americans have had it ! If the media keeps up as it is they should be pit out of buisness,{piers morgan, i think some of our ancestors ran the brits out of this country long ago keep it up if you want a reinactment !
FEB 14  •  despite judges who previously promised to judge this case on its merits,everyone has caved in to adopt an emperor has-no-clothes posture--dismissing it for cause
Betty Halstead
FEB 14  •  I pray in God's name this will happen....Amen
M. Johnson
FEB 14  •  Its about time they listen to Orly, shes been trying for so long to bring this man to justice! Please God, listen to our prayers and save our country!
James Malone
FEB 14  •  I will believe it when I see it!! I have seen to many of these Public Servant Screw the American People over for a profit and a fully payed retirement. How about after you arrest Obama for ALL the crimes he has committed against this great nation, You replace the Social Security Fund with ALL of the Federal Retirement Funds, and place ALL Public and Private Citizens on the same Social Security Retirement fund, so when your spending our retirement money, and then referring to it as a "Federal Financial Benefit" instead of the earned Social Security. Than your future can be at risk too. There are to many problems with the Government to list in 3000 words, and NOBODY seems to be acting fast enough to right these wrongs!! So like I have said, I WILL BELIEVE IT WHEN I SEE JUSTICE SERVED!!
Donald Ward
FEB 14  •  Mussolini ended up hanging from a lamppost; we have lampposts ...
todd baker
FEB 14  •  i just wonder how long this charade is going to last, all the things this president has brought on this nation is unforgivable and needs to come to an end,there are way to many reasons out there that can be proved, his upbringing, his affilliations,his beliefs,is evident to where we are heading,this person has talked about a lot of things but in reality has done nothing at all to solve any of our problems of the so called bush administration,the only good thing he does is twist his agenda's around so the low knowledge government recipients believe everything he say's,thee obama scam is the worst of all and now we (the working tax payers) are going to pay for it,at the s o t u address he proposed many things, but never mentioned a word of how to pay for it, all the while stating that we would not raise the our deficet, this is just a lying disgrace and he need's to be impeached for treason today !!!!!!!
Carlne Brown
FEB 14  •  If this case if actualy going to be heard, I think there is a real conflict of interest as the 2 women judges would be null and void. if he is a fraud anyone he appointed to an office would be invalid.
FEB 14  •  I hope they track down and convict each and every one of these peope who have lied, manipulated documents and covered up for Obama. They are ALL GUILTY of TREASON and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!!! They also need to get fingerprints from him to find out who he actually is!!!
FEB 14  •  Please,...listen to the evidence Chief Justice Roberts...It is more than compelling and I believe this man is manufactured.
Iva Slade
FEB 14  •  I pray the truth will come out. the votes Obama/Biden got won't count., and we can take America back.
June Lindner
FEB 14  •  Let's pray for all the truth to come out and for the justices to make the right decision based on law and not politics.
Aubrey Mason
FEB 14  •  I pray that GOD himself sits at this hearing and provides strength, wisdom and courage to these Supreme Court Justices to indite this man for his crimes - disregarding his race. I pray that Justice is swift and these Justices include all who participated in hiding his past and illegal status to the public. I pray for our Nation, that seeing the truth, having the scales lifted from their eyes - that the Nation return to GOD, reversing the legislature that removed GOD from our Courts, schools and lives...... all by deception and special interest groups.
Mark Skidgel
FEB 14  •  If this case determines that Barack O'Bama usurped the office of the President of the United states there could be an armed rebellion if congress refuses to act.
Patriot John
FEB 14  •  Reviewing the facts before the Supreme Court is all we can ask, as an American. The media is biased, as is the court, but it is still our best chance at getting to the truth and justice. The O administration may be the biggest lie ever perpetrated on this country, with minimal background checks on any of them! Maybe they should all buy a gun so we could get a thorough background check! May the truth prevail and restore confidence in our system.
Cynthia Gatlin
FEB 14  •  I agree with the prayers that each and everyone of the lying wicked people be exposed and removed and that everything Soetoro did will be overturned. I also pray that our Lord will cleanse this nation of her wicked ways and return it to ethics and the Constitution.
mike hale
FEB 14  •  Obama and his cronies have subverted the US Constitution. Obama should be in prison.
Michael Chester
FEB 14  •  This needs to end now. IMPEACH, try for treason and crimes against our great nation, for dereliction of duty and remove him from the Whitehouse...the only problem will be that Biden then steps he any better/ Will the house and senate grow a pair? We need a complete overhaul of our elected Government officials.
Mark L Shaver
FEB 14  •  I pray that the truth will set this country free from this opressive, abrusive and tyrannical government and its heathen leader. Amen!
FEB 14  •  I pray TRUTH will prevail. GOD BLESS AMERICA,
Daniel Funlay
FEB 14  •  I hope he gets more than booted out!
Dianne Simpson •
FEB 14  •  I pray to God that he will lead, guide and direct the Supreme Court in this matter and show them the way to the right decision. There is no doubt of what the outcome should be based on the facts that are there now and have been for four years. Take politics and loyalty to a party or person out of the equation and introduce simple common sense and the desire to follow the Constitution of the great United States of America and the path will be clear.
Chris Farrell
FEB 14  •  Orly Taitz's Supplemental Brief submitted to the court last week is a powerful indictment of the 'Manchurian' Muslim from Mombasa and a must read. One of the interesting points she expresses in the Supplemental Brief is that the two justices appointed to the court by Mr. Obama while he has been in the commission of his criminal usurpation of the presidency must recuse themselves for obvious conflict of interest in the case as their appointments were made by a criminal in the commission of crimes and would in fact need to be retro-actively abrogated, effectively annulled, as having been accomplished in the commission of crimes along with everything else Mr. Obama/Soetoro, a.k.a. 'Bath House' Barry has accomplished while in the commission of the most horrendous crime committed against the American experiment in government of the people in our nation's history. Orly makes the case that Obama's crimes are treasonous and deserving of capital punishment. All those complicit in Obama's criminal usurpation of the presidency including administrators past and present at Occidental College, Columbia University, and Harvard Law School who have all along been aware that Mr. Obama was never constitutionally eligible to be president should be prosecuted. Mr. Obama's Muslim background can no longer be ignored insofar as the deceptive jihadist tactic of taqqiya, lying to those within a society under siege for the purpose of convincing them that you are not a Muslim, but rather homogeneous with the citizens of the society under siege, appears to be the modus operandi of the 'Manchurian' Muslim from Mombasa, Barack 'King' Hussein Obama, Jr., a.k.a. Soebarkah and Harrison J. Bounel. The mockery of the U.S. Constitution must be brought to an end. Mr. Obama is an enemy agent of Islam practicing taqqiya. Perhaps the F-16 Fighter Jets that Mr. Obama is so eager to provide his Muslim 'Brother from the Hood' Morsi in Egypt--along with the most advanced Main Battle Tank in the world--should have tipped off our representatives in Congress.
FEB 14  •  Lord I pray that this finally puts an end to this mans lies and schemes. He has done nothing but ty to ruin this great natio which is build under God. He does not legally belong here and they all know this. They need to all be punished who have helped cover this up. Every one knows that they have embezled money from us the American people. Every penny he has made should be put back into the economy. May the good Lord be with this court hearing and let the truth come out. The Truth Shall Set Us Free. Let the lords flock come together in prayer on this 15th day of Feb 2013 in agreence in Jesus Name we pray..
Pam Ward
FEB 14  •  I pray this issues is finally going to reveal the truth about the forged, illegal documents and that this man who is not eligble to be President if booted out. Anyone who lied, covered up or was complicit in this grand scheme is also revealed and punished. THE TRUTH SHALL SET US FREE!!
Deborah Becker
FEB 14  •  I pray for this great nation that she turn from her wicked ways. That these Supreme Justices of our Constitutional Republic seek the truth and do their duties as ordained by our Creator.
Anna Dault
FEB 14  •  God I pray this will bring this horrible nightmare to an end!I can't believe the American people are really so misguided & foolish! But, I actually voted for Jimmy Carter!!! Please God let this come to a swift exit w/ obama,the entire lying crew!!!!
Trish De Mattos
FEB 14  •  We the people have the right to know the truth,plain and simple.Why is this man any different from the other Presidents that were found to be dishonest,fraud,lying ,trying tochange what our Military have fought for for years,and years.It'sdisgraceful to thiscountry to be deined the truth.Someone for sure is hiding and protecting this man,we have the right to know who and why,if this is true.
FEB 14  •  Is this true? IF it is true, I feel that this will just be another coverup of the truth, after all, the Supreme Court is in Obama's back pocket !
Marilyn Green •
FEB 11  •  I think it's about time that someone has the wherewithall to press forward with the truth to all of these questions and lawsuits requiring this be done. I could petition hundreds who still believe Mr. Obama is NOT a U.S. citizen and want answers to all of his educational material, travel documents, and birth certificate. There are just WAY TOO MANY unanswered questions about this man who is our President. It's time to find out who this person is who considers himself above the laws of our Country and continues to ignore our Constitution!!!!!!
Rev. Tom Blackall
FEB 08  •  It doesn't take a few hundred characters for me to say, "It's about time!" This has been the biggest cover up in the history of this Great Country! Git' er' done! Be Blessed

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