Sunday, March 24, 2013


Anti-Agenda 21 Bill Dies in Mississippi House Committee Chaired by Rep. Jessica Upshaw

Agenda 21 Logo The Anti-Agenda 21 Bill submitted by Representative Becky Currie was sent to the Conservation and Water Resources Committee chaired by Rep. Jessica Upshaw on February 20 and it ultimately died in that committee on March 6 with no action. After not getting a response to my request for an update on the status, I found the information online at

Rep. Upshaw told Issues Chairman, Laura VanOverschelde that she absolutely would not allow any action on it. When asked what the reason was, she told Laura that she did not feel it was the right time.

Thanks to Rep. Upshaw, our state will continue to sink into the quicksand of destruction known as Agenda 21 for at least another year.
  • Untold damage will be done to our state as local and state authority are migrated into regional governance.
  • Extreme environmentalists will continue to dictate policy in our state as we come another step closer to total rule by the United Nations.
  • Grants will continue to pour into our state, further bankrupting our nation to fund Agenda 21 initiatives and our freedoms will continue to erode
All because Rep. Upshaw made an arbitrary decision to withhold legislation that would have stopped the implementation of policies so dangerous that the Republican National Committee passed a resolution to expose them, oppose them and refuse any monies associated with them on January 13.
By blocking this bill, the buck stops with Rep. Upshaw. Had it been allowed on the floor for a vote, it would have been on the shoulders of our Representatives...the ones we worked so hard to finally have a majority in this year so that we could actually get some things done! With this type of malfeasance, however, our efforts are once again thwarted.

Rep. Upshaw is a Republican from District 95 which covers Hancock and Harrison Counties. Please contact her and let her know how you feel about her decision to rob our Representatives of the opportunity to vote on this important bill. She can be reached at or by phone at 228.867.6005.

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