Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Thousands of Pastors Are Uniting to Risk Everything for a Special Project to Defy Obama

Thousands of Pastors Are Uniting to Risk Everything for a Special Project to Defy Obama

Thousands of pastors around the country have joined together in opposition to a 1954 rule that bans them from endorsing political candidates or positions from the pulpit in accordance with their faith.
The law was pushed by then-Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson specifically to prevent churches in Texas from preaching against policies he supported or endorsing his opposition, according to WND. It should never have been enacted, and it needs to be repealed, they said.

“Under the First Amendment, Congress has no power to tax churches. Period. End of story,” said WND CEO Joseph Farah. “Under the First Amendment, Congress has no power to stifle freedom of speech. Ever since 1954, the government has unevenly applied its illegitimate oversight of churches – winking as some pastors turn their churches over to political candidates to make stump speeches, while warning others it is inappropriate. There is only one real solution – repeal the Johnson Amendment.”
To that end, the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) began the annual Pulpit Freedom Sunday in 2008, encouraging pastors to use their pulpits to educate their congregations about “biblical perspectives on the positions of electoral candidates.” Nearly 4,000 pastors have already participated in the event, including 1,517 who did so last Sunday.
“Pastors and their churches should decide what is said in church,” said ADF Senior Legal Counsel Erik Stanley, who is in charge of the Pulpit Freedom Sunday event. “The IRS shouldn’t be empowered to censor speech, period.”

ADF Litigation Counsel Christiana Holcomb agreed.
“The Johnson Amendment commissioned the IRS to be a ‘speech cop,’ a role it should not have,” she said. “This law was specifically designed to silence public criticism of a politician. That’s clearly in conflict with the First Amendment.”
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According to their website, the ADF “wants to generate test cases that we can carry to the U.S. Supreme Court in order to end the unconstitutional restrictions that now exist infringing on the rights of pastors to use moral and biblical standards to support or oppose candidates for public office.”
In other words: Bring it on, IRS.
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